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As you can see by the enclosed calendar, we stay quite busy, serving a variety of catered and home cooked Shabbat dinners each week, lox and bagel brunches on Sundays and even little Yoga to help keep us centered.

With a full agenda and additional programming to follow, for your help to support the efforts of Bama Hillel.  Our goal is to provide a place for all students to call his or her own, whether enjoying a meal, baking challah, attending late night study sessions, or simply raiding the snack room and napping on the sofas.

Our request is simple, but the need is great.  While any amount is appreciated, a yearly donation of $540.00 will cover the average cost of meals for a student for the year – including holidays, Shabbat dinners, brunches, snacks, and special programming.  Your donation can be made as a single payment, by semester, or a recurring monthly payment of $54.00 a month for the academic year (August – May).

If you would like to make a recurring monthly donation, please see the dropdown/subscribe button below.  To make discover additional donor options, contact Lisa at or simply click the donate button on the left side of the page.