University of Alabama

Hillel Student Organization

2013-2014 Board Election Nomination Information

Interested in becoming more involved with Hillel? Elections for the 2013-14 Student Board will be at Hillel’s Sunday brunch on April 7th at noon. Click here for the Spring 2013_Bama Hillel Board Nomination Form.  All nomination forms are due by midnight on April 2nd. Submit via email to or drop off at Hillel in a sealed envelope during normal business hours.

The Hillel Student Board is an advisory board that helps guide Hillel’s directions and activities.  Hillel staff is available to assist with the implementation of events and activities.  Please consider lending your voice to Hillel as an active member of the student board.

The position descriptions and board member expectations are listed below.

Elected Hillel Board Positions 2012-2013

1. President
Coordinates all activities of Hillel Board; Prepares Agenda for Board Meetings and emails at least 2 days in advance; Conducts Hillel Board meetings; Designates liaisons to other campus groups; Maintains regular contact and meets with Vice-President, Program Director, and advisers about: Program plans, Promotion and outreach, Building use

2. Executive Vice President
Fulfills President’s role in his/her absence; Responsible for coordinating internal and external outreach efforts; Schedules volunteers for all events; Helps President plan Board meetings

3. Secretary
Takes minutes at Board meetings and emails them out to board; Sends thank you notes to major donors on behalf of the students; Works with Treasurer and Program Director or Advisory Board member on grant applications; Creates and maintains schedule of events/ calendar.

4. Treasurer
Prepares programming budget with Advisers; Keeps up with FAC application due dates and works with Executive Board to apply for FAC funding; Seeks out and suggests fund-raising opportunities that students can initiate and implement; Maintains Petty Cash Account

5. Membership Vice-President – works with Executive Vice President
Encourages, promotes membership growth in Hillel; Helps to maintain records of active members to determine Act Card Access; Uses various information sources to create lists of potential members; Leads membership team in planning initial FYSH events (summer contacts and first two weeks of fall semester); Serves as mentor to the Freshman Council President; Presents recommendations for the following positions and with board approval, recruits them as members of the membership team.
Sophomore Class Rep; Junior Class Rep; Senior Class Rep; Grad Student Rep; Greek Rep; High School Liaison Rep

6. Freshman Council President – Will be elected by freshman after two weeks of classes – works directly with Membership Vice President and the Executive Vice President; Is a member of the Board and coordinates the work of the Freshman Programming Chair, Vice President, and the Freshman Membership Vice President

7. Programming Vice President – Works directly with the Board President
Is conduit to the board for all programming suggestions. Those ideas that are received enthusiastically will then with intern assistance be researched for cost, logistics etc. This includes Shabbat dinners, philanthropy, social action, religious/cultural events, outreach, athletic, and partnership opportunities with other student groups. Presents recommendations for the following positions and with board approval, recruits them as members of the programming team:
Philanthropy Chair / Social Action Chair / Religious & Cultural Chair / Educational & Travel Opportunity Chair /  Collaboration Chair to work with other campus groups

8. Public Relations Vice President – Works directly with Board President
Promotes all Hillel Activities to membership and community; Presents recommendation for the following positions and with board approval, recruits them as membership of the public relations team.  Facebook event creator  / Twitter lead scribe / Advertising (flyers, chalk boards, bulletin board) / Historian-Photographer

All Board Members are expected to:

1.    Attend all scheduled board meetings except in the case of an excused illness or family emergency. Having more than two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the board. Absences for any reason should be reported in advance to the President or Executive Vice President.

2.    Attend at a minimum 75% of all major Hillel events.

3.    Provide job descriptions for all positions supervised for review by the Board.

4.    Be able to report on the work of their area at all Board meetings and have a written summary available for the Secretary to include in the minutes.

5.    As a volunteer, help maintain the appearance of the building and advise the Program Director of any rule infractions.

6.    Help set-up and clean-up for events.

7.    Assume the role of host or hostess at all Hillel functions.

8.    Be available as needed to meet with prospective students and their families.

9.    Assist in a major capacity with recruitment weekends.

10.  Represent Hillel as needed in Community Events.