University of Alabama

Hillel Student Organization

April 4th – Rock in the Red Zone Film Viewing and Discussion

Movie Night at Bloom Hillel
“Rock in the Red Zone” begins at 7:00 pm
Questions and Answers to follow with Producer/Director Laura Bialis 

Rick in the Red Zone Poster to distribute

Rock in the Red Zone is a personal view from the ground on
the frontlines of an endless war, and a powerful exploration into the lives and art of musicians struggling to create in a conflict zone.

On the edge of Israel’s Negev Desert lies Sderot, a city of factory workers and rock musicians – the children of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East. Despite being pummeled for years by homemade rockets, the people of Sderot persevere. In raucous Moroccan celebrations, they embrace newcomers. In quiet family dinners, they voice their dreams.

And in the underground bomb shelters, they create music – a unique Sderot sound that has transformed Israeli music by injecting Middle Eastern influences into Western Rock.

Searching for a story about music, filmmaker Laura Bialis encounters a creative community that captivates her, leads her to love and changes the course of her life. Rock in the Red Zone demonstrates the power of artistic creation to transcend even the most challenging circumstances. It also reminds us that sometimes in the least expected places, we can
find magic.